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Saki Kaskas - Theodosius - Album Release Party

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

As some of you may know, a bunch of Saki's friends, family, and myself have been working over the last couple of years to complete Saki's unfinished album. It's taken a lot longer than I expected, but I'm happy to say it's close to being done. I thought I should start organising the release party now so that there's lots of time to let everyone know.

This is a public event, everyone is invited. Please invite anyone you think might enjoy it. The more people the better! There's no live music, as I'd like the focus to be on Saki's album.

It will be held on June 28th at The ANZA Club Hall in Vancouver, as this is where Saki played his first gig. Doors open at 7pm and I'll do a presentation at 8pm and play the album (probably a few times).

The album will be released on all the usual places (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp etc). At the moment it looks like it will have 12 songs on it. Musical styles on it range from heavy metal, pop rock, to disco funk and even some classical. It's as musically diverse as Saki was.

Here's a list of everyone who has contributed to the project...

Jeff van Dyck (Co-writing, Engineering and Production) Steve Royea (Engineering) Marc Charalambos (Bass & Use of his studio) Chris Retru (Drums) Joey Sather (Vocals and Lyrics) Johannes Grames (Guitars) Amos Resnick (Drums) Robin Steen (Bass, Vocals and Lyrics) Jason Michas (Vocals & Lyrics) Darren Sleno (Drums) Todd Taylor (Guitars) Shaun Trainer (Guitars, Vocals and Lyrics) Dane Pulverati (Drums) Angela van Dyck (Vocals and Lyrics) Traz Damji (Brass arrangement) Alon (Sax and Trumpet) Glen Jamison (Keys) Rashid Hille (Guitars) Sia Kaskas (Consulting) Evie Katevatis (Graphics) Dave Neil (Mastering) Rom di Prisco (Remixing) Anton Gagarin (Remixing) Max Bliesner (Engineering)

When: Friday, June 28th 2019 @ 7pm

Where: The ANZA Club 3 W 8th Ave Vancouver, BC Canada

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