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"Saki was an amazing, virtuosic musician. His passion to learn and excel transcended anything he put his mind to. Above all though, he was a gentle soul, a warm personality and an irreplaceable friend."


- Jeff van Dyck -

Theodosius Kaskamanidis (aka Saki Kaskas) was born in Germany in 1971 and was transported to Vancouver, Canada in 1973. He decided to make music his career in 1987, when he started to learn how to play the guitar. He was 15 years old. 

In 1989, Saki co-founded his first rock band; Omnibol. They rocked Vancouver for 5 years, give or take, and, from those ashes, the instrumental progressive rock band, the Heavy Lounge, took over and lasted until 1997. It was around this time when Saki joined Electronic Arts to compose music for the Need For Speed and NHL video games. In 2008, Saki left Electronic Arts to join United Front Games as Audio Director and they produced the critically acclaimed Sleeping Dogs game. 

Saki left United Front Games in 2015 to focus on music full time. 

Sadly, Saki passed away in November 2016. His long time friend and music partner Jeff van Dyck took the helm to finish Saki’s solo album on Saki’s behalf. Jeff invited over 20 old music buddies of Saki’s to play on the album. The result is the posthumous release of the album Saki Kaskas - Theodosius.


released June 28, 2019 

Saki Kaskas (writing, engineering, production, guitars, keyboards, synths, spoken word) 
Jeff van Dyck (Co-writing, Engineering, Keyboards and Production) 
Steve Royea (Engineering) 
Marc Charalambos (Bass & Use of his studio) 
Chris Retru (Drums) 
Joey Sather (Vocals and Lyrics) 
Johannes Grames (Guitars) 
Amos Resnick (Drums) 
Robin Steen (Bass, Vocals and Lyrics) 
Jason Michas (Vocals & Lyrics) 
Darren Sleno (Drums) 
Todd Taylor (Guitars) 
Shaun Trainer (Guitars, Vocals and Lyrics) 
Dane Pulvirenti (Drums) 
Angela van Dyck (Vocals and Lyrics) 
Traz Damji (Brass Arrangement) 
Alon (Sax and Trumpet) 
Glen Jamison (Keys) 
Rashid Hille (Guitars) 
Sia Kaskas (Consulting) 
Evie Katevatis (Graphics) 
Dave Neil (Mastering) 
Rom di Prisco (Remixing) 
Anton Gagarin (Remixing) 
Max Bliesner (Engineering)

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